Character Profiles and References


Mira Aoyama / Mew Miracle Berry

15. 5"4. dark navy black hair and warm chocolate eyes eyes in human form, candy apple red hair and cornflower blue eyes in mew form.

outfits: Cute, a lot of sweets themes, and kinda nerdy/preppy. She wears glasses when she has to read!

   Birthday: Jan 13th

DNA: wooly paramo donkey / Human

Personality/backstory: Mira is the daughter of Ichigo and Masaya! She really admires her mom and has wanted to be a magical girl FOREVER. She has notebooks full of designs. Most of them are pink. She is disappointed with her outfit to say the LEAST. Shes booksmart, top grades, and is the student council president at her school. Even so, she kind of lacks social skills because shes had like, (1) close friend (Yue-bing Fong, Puddings son!). Its not for a lack of trying; shes just kind of naive and over-eager about things, and one-track-minded. But she really wants to be a good leader for the team, and is trying her best! She loves magical girl mangas too and has very particular ideas about what she should and shouldnt be as a magical girl. Either way, shes declared herself the LEADER and will not be talked out of it. Also, she lives off cake.

funfact: she has a pet snake named Candy Corn! She has mild allergies around fur. Her family has (2) dogs and (3) cats but they stay downstairs and cant come in her room. She also has two older adopted brothers, and when the story starts theyve already both moved out!



17. 5"4. Light ash brown/greyish hair. Gold/orange gradient eyes.

outfits: Bougie style, homemade and interesting cuts. Mini skirts. Silvers, warm browns, blacks, SPARKLY things. Shes all about setting the newest trends!

Birthday: July 29th

DNA: alien. Shes on Team Earth and actually sewed her "mew costume" herself!! But she doesnt have any animal DNA!

Personality/backstory: A member of the resistance against Queen, she was the only one who was able to flee and escape to Earth! Which is super lucky all things considered, because shes incredibly lazy besides that. Most aliens can fly and teleport to an extent, but it turns out shes super bad about it because she never practiced a lot when she was younger. She is also somewhat afraid of heights, so she refuses to practice more. She is really good with technology, which more than makes up for it. Since alien tech is light years ahead of Earths, she finds humans tech primitive and considers helping them upgrade easy and hardly any effort. Shes incredibly laid-back, and loves to pamper herself and her friends. She might actually be so stressed shes calm though; shes been through a lot. Shes happy to learn about Earth, and a fast learner! She LOVES the internet and very quickly got a popular account with fashion. Earth fashion in particular is her favorite hobby. She loves how diverse it is. And sparkly. She loves that.

funfact: She honestly hates fighting herself and getting all sweaty, so she usually has a chimera anima fight for her! She stole a one Queen was testing on, and its now her adorable purple fluffy friend Grape. He is also lazy.


Aqua Shirogane / Mew Candyfloss

15. 5"3. hot fuschia pink hair, bright aqua eyes

outfits: CUTE. FRILLY. SWEET. Pastels, bright colors! Cute to her core!


Birthday: July 10th

Personality/backstory: A robot made by Ryou Shirogane as the next step of the mew project! He wanted to eliminate the risk of any more "real girls" getting hurt, and wanted to make sure that even after he was gone, the one to carry on his work wouldnt die out so easily in the event the Earth had another Major Issue. So, a robot! After Masha and Ucha, he decided to go ALL OUT. It took 15 years of work, but he finally did it! He didnt count on her sort of kind of gaining sentience at the level she did, the working theory is because shes powered by mew aqua so the magical properties did. Something. Either way, shes happy to be here! Shes pretty happy about everything! She loves her friends a lot and loves protecting people! Shes adorable, so you wouldnt expect that shes the ultimate weapon! Seriously, uh. She can: fly, lift two tons, has xray vision to look thru stuff, light up ear and eye lights, can hear Really Well, amplify her own voice and can punch Really Really Really Hard. Also, her mew outfit has a detachable ponytail thats more of. a Blade/boomerang kind of weapon. She gets a bit nervous about fighting on a team since her teammates arent as indestructable as she is.

funfact: Because shes a robot, her hair is totally just. Wigs. So she can change her hairstyle/ length on a whim! Persi loves playing dress up with her!


Caroline (Cara) Testout-Seebauer

5". Gold hair and bright green-yellow eyes in mew mew form, dark chestnut hair and hazel eyes in her normal form.

outfits: Practical, tactical, comfy. She wont wear it if she doesnt think she can fight in it. darker colored clothes usually, reds and golds. also, alternate designs to her prosthetic leg are a-okay! it changes with her magical girl form, its normally silver, so.

DNA: Eastern coral snake

Birthday: March 7th

Personality/backstory: the Polar Opposite of Mira. Where Mira wants to be recognized and famous, Cara wants to be in the shadows and be mysterious. I definitely dont want to use the word "edgy". But. Anyway, little is known about her or how she came to work with the aliens because she is a human. Even though Mira insists theyve never met before the story starts, Cara seems to have it out for her, specifically. shes the typical "rival" character and tends to play it up a lot. But she gets flustered pretty easily. Could she have a hidden sweet side? funfact: she definitely cuts her own hair.



23. 5"11. light honey hair and bright gold eyes in mew mew form, and milk chocolate hair and gold/orange eyes in her normal form.

outfits: baggy clothes, clothes that give her freedom to move around, and silly clothes with funny slogans. think tanktops, comfy shoes, shorts, or baggy pants. She kind of dresses like an Uncle.

DNA: Blackburns sphinx moth/alien DNA

Birthday: November 26th

Personality/backstory: A little goofy, a little sadistic at times. Others make the assumption she doesnt care about her job because of her lackadaisical personality, but she went out of her way to ask Queen for it specifically, and literally Will Not let anyone else be in charge or watch after Cara. She doesnt particularly have anything against humans, per say, and considers her work just that: work, and can detach herself from it pretty easily. Shes the first and only alien that was given a knockoff mew mew serum by Queen. Even so, being that its an earth animals DNA, its not really compatible in the way it would be with a human (even then, only a few humans are compatible at that). Sapote did volunteer and will grit her teeth and take the side effects. Which usually arent pretty.

funfact: because shes infused with a moth, her schedule is kinda nocturnal. also, when shes not paying attention she sometimes finds herself chewing on her shirt. Because moth dna says EAT FABRIC. she hates that.


Masayume (Yumie) Hira / Mew Peach

Age, DNA and human form: ???

Masayume appears in Miras dreams, giving her advice and tips, but very little info about herself besides a name. How shes able to project herself into Miras dreams is unknown, along why she only comes to Mira and no one else on Team Earth. But since her tips and hints always work in their favor, shes definitely an ally despite her air of mystery!

Just who is this dream girl?



24. Sacramento green hair. gold/orange gradient eyes.

Outfits: Shes always in a dress or gown in public, bun on the same side or hair down, and usually wearing red lipstick. Always dressed in gold, yellow, white (or a combo of them) ANY kind of crown or circlette headdress or gown is ok! When not in public? comfy labcoat. hair tied out of the way so she can work!

Personality/backstory: The main villain! Elegant! Leaderly! Graceful! Poised! At least when people are watching her. Yes, her name is really Queen! Eccentric parents that wanted her to be the best. Shes probably disappointing them with this career path. Shes the top general of the alien army and revels in the irony of her name. She LOVES science and is more passionate about it than being a leader. But she must have her own reasons for taking on such a big role and running operations against Earth so aggressively, right?


Mira, Cara, Persimmon, Aqua, Sapote, and Masayume ref sheets.


References for Queens upper crust: Erdisia, Tunillo, Saguaro, Queen herself, Arilla, and Pereskia.

Erdisia. 22. mint green hair that gradients into sherbet orange. Grayish purple eyes.

Personality/backstory: Cheerful and highly aggressive! She will stab anyone with a smile. She really hates humans and thinks theyre all below her. She loves cute things, and but she has a really nasty personality that doesnt match at all. Shes super good at sucking up to people and flattering them if she wants something, though. Anything nasty or unpleasant, like torturing? Killing? She is absolutely there for that. She does ALL the dirty work dealing with prisoners of the rebellion. Persi would very much like to have Words with her about that. Sapote doesnt actually like this girl, but Erdisia? Is like, lowkey obsessed with Sapote. She thinks she should be working with Sapote instead of Cara. Obviously since shes a human, Cara doesnt care for an alien speciesist against humans, and Erdisia goes out of her way to say nasty things to Cara in return. Cara is super good at ignoring people tho, which only makes Erdisia more mad.

Tunillo. 17. light olive green hair. light grey eyes.

Personality/backstory: Entitled and sarcastic. Always thinks hes the smartest person in the room. He hates talking to the others and is pretty anti-social, but hes competent with tech. His job is to monitor everything. Like, hes the guy who watches the cameras to make sure no one is up to anything suspisious. The visor over his face can switch to any part of the alien ship, and he can even hack into cameras on Earth. Hes a SNITCH. He also dabbles in robotics and hacking. Neither Sapote or Cara like him very much.

Funfact: No one has seen him sleep. Seriously, you think Queen would assign more than one person to watch cameras for this reason.

Saguaro. 25. Pine green hair that gradients into jade green. (???) colored eyes.

Personality/backstory: They are pretty mysterious! Despite always having bindings over their eyes, they happen to be the best with a sword. Like literally undefeated. They have a very peaceful personality though, inviting anyone to meditate and drink tea with them. Theyre always happy to talk about their religion, which is the now banned church of Deep Blue. (Queen is very About Science and very anti Guy Who Tried to Kill Their Own and stuff. She also doesnt like the idea of anyone following a dead leaders beliefs instead of following Her. So.) A firm believer in destiny, theyre actually against Queen to an extent, but believes being close to her will lead them to the path that Deep Blue will cross. Because destiny. because Saguaro totally believes the Revival Is Coming. Most people think theyre super weird for it, and Queen has, in her very polite way, banned them from being Too Vocal about it. Sapote is super weirded out by it. Cara is like. Kind of amused and kind of enjoys hanging out with Saguaro because theyre like, even with all their quirks, the most chill of the group. Also, cool sword collection. Saguaro is happy to hang out with the human! But at the same time, theyll make remarks that sound full of pity towards the humans.

Funfact: Queen doesnt like them wearing blue because thats Deep Blues color whereas she likes yellow and white. They wear a good bit of blue anyway! A quiet way to rebel, maybe?

Arilla. 25. periwinkle grey hair with dark mauve grey bangs. ice green eyes.

Personality/backstory: Tired. Seriously needs a nap. Sleepy and grumpy at any given moment. Borderline snarky when he can be. Queens righthand man. He doesnt do actual like, fighting stuff, he mostly just follows her around, making sure she doesnt miss meetings or trip in her heels like a secretary. Makes sure she eats. I dont want to call him a babysitter, but. He also checks on Cara and Sapote in the same way as a part of his job. Sapote LOVES picking on this dude. Drives him up the wall. Cara is pretty ready to boss him around too because she thinks hes a pushover (he is).

Pereskia. 28. crocodile green hair. fern green eyes.

Personality/backstory: Serious and hardworking. Shes the one most likely to do good on a group project but also the most likely to nag you into the ground about making it PERFECT. She has a lot of honor, and will work tirelessly to get her job done. She seriously takes a lot of pride in it, but she will never be overly sadistic about it; shes all about being efficient. She doesnt get along with Sapote at all, because she thinks she doesnt take her job seriously and is mad she got so far with her kind of attitude. She actually does get along with Cara tho and has nothing personal against humans. She just thinks the humans at the top are consumed with greed, and feels bad for all the other ones that will "have to die for that".


Reference sheets for the original Tokyo Mew Mew cast and Minor OCs.

Ichigo and Masaya run a conservation center for wildlife together! They constantly are taking in new pets for fostering, but they have several dogs and cats permanently. Mira is a little nervous around big animals and has mild allergies, but she does have a pet snake! Anyway Ichigo and Masaya are still madly in love and Are That Couple.

Keiichiro is still helping Ryou with the mew project but lives with his wife. Ryou still lives at the cafe but has expanded it; Aqua stays in his old room at the top.

Quiche is In Jail from Queen. Of course hed openly disagree with her wanting to kill all the humans.

Pai is still on the aliens home planet helping those who got left behind and didn't make it on the ships. Up until then he worked as an archivist, documenting science from both their planet and everything that happened years ago while they were on Earth.

Mint and Kanna ( the redhead rich girl from (1) ep of the anime) are business partners and wives too. Mint owns a ballet school and Kanna has a tea company. Theyre very rich lesbians basically. No kids, and they like it that way.

Zakuro is a actress still but lives in America, and has become basically hyper-famous but also kinda reclusive to everyone but the mews. She has a daughter whos 16 and adopted!

Retatsu is an art teacher for school children and lives close by the ocean, constantly volunteering for sea conservation programs!

Ringo runs her islands conservation efforts (partners with ichigo and masayas program!) And basically acts as a park ranger!

Berry has a clothing line with zakuro backing it, Tasuku is a stay at home dad for their two kids who are still 9-10! They live in France!

Ichigo and Pudding are still really close because their kids are bffs! Miras best friend is the son of Pudding and Taruto whos on Earth full time and Has Been for a while. Although their family moved to China for Yue-Bings studies recently!

Pudding and Taruto have a house in both China and Japan, they actually live pretty off the grid (alien on earth, gotta keep kinda a low profile) they make money from Tarutos gardening and when Puddings dad passed she inherited a good bit of money!

Nashi and Ume are twins! They were adopted into the family when Mira was 5, they were 12.

Nashi is the more laid back one with a sense of humor! Hes got kinda bad luck and is more of the class clown than a smart guy like his twin, and he doesnt have any huge ambitions in life. Hes constantly bouncing between crappy jobs but hes got a good attitude about it. His apartment is closer than Umes so Mira comes over a lot and spends the night!

Ume is the more quiet twin. Hes also relaxed, but his sense of humor is more dry. He was at the top of his classes and immediately went into a secret government branch called galactic affairs that handles aliens and cover ups- he works with Ryou a lot to keep the mew project under the table! Hes really accomplished for his age and is traveling a lot for work, but he honestly misses his family a lot and gets homesick often.

Luna is Zakuros adopted daughter! Shes mute and uses sign language. Zakuro lives in California most of the time and thats where she met Luna. Luna is actually a published author by the time shes 15; she was in a foster home and put out books online under a pen name about her experiences, and loss at a young age, and Zakuro happened to read it and was struck by how much it sounded like her when she was younger. She arranged to meet up and support Lunas writing, and by the time Luna was about to have to leave her current foster home, they both felt like the other was family, so adopting her just seemed natural. Zakuro keeps her way far away from the spotlight unless Luna just wants to come with her, and even then shes a fierce mama wolf.

Madeline and Juliette who, like most kids, are just super rowdy and excitable! Theyre best friends. Also since Berry is a fashion designer, they always have trendy clothes as far as kids clothes go.

Imani is Keiichiros wife! Shes an accomplished astronomer and they met at the observatory she works at when they were around 30 and fell for each other when they got into a conversation about space and it turned into a two hour talk, and they still wanted to talk more! Theyre both mature and kind people so theyre great for each other. She loves that he can bake too and how sensitive he is. She helps out with the monitoring of aliens and knows about the mew project! Shes confident, well spoken, and very kind, and she loves running educational lectures at her job about space!

Persimmon's pet chimera anima, Grape. Appearently it was made from something Queen was testing out. But what, exactly? Seems like a normal chimera to everyone who meets him! Eats sweets, drools on everything, Mira wants him to stay far away from her with all that fur shedding and drool! Persimmon thinks hes good to nap on.

The Uchushi, the alien race that attacked the aliens planet, seemingly out of the blue. They can survive nearly anything, extremely tough and long-lived. Almost every bit of knowledge or speculation about the species comes from Queen, who put her life on the line to get information that might help defeat them. In the end she was unsuccessful and forced to flee the planet with everyone else, but who knows. Maybe she's still working on it?

Yue-Bing Fong is Miras childhood best friend! Hes Bu-Ling and Tarutos son! Hes full of energy, lights up any room hes in and a bit of a social butterfly. Hes an extreme extrovert, making him Pretty Popular. Despite his DNA, he cant really do any Alien stuff like flying, teleporting, ect. Hes. Tried. He likes gardening as a hobby with his dad, but takes after both his mom a fair bit in personality. Hes teasing, but also very kind! hes also very talented as a gymnast, and got a scholarship to a very prestigious athletics school in China, so hes currently studying abroad there. But he still makes time to video chat with Mira as much as he can! Timezones wont stop them from chatting! (Well, it might, because Mira goes to bed super early) But THEY TRY.

Venus is Sapotes older sister! (yes older, she is shorter tho) Shes older by 5 years, and works with the kids on the alien ship! Shes basically running a daycare type situation with a few other aliens. Shes nervous but very compassionate and responsible, and her and Sapote are close. Sapote comes by the daycare a lot, and drags Cara along. The kids are so excited to meet a human!!! Cara is very overwhelmed. Sapote LOVES the attention and will transform into her mew form just to impress the kiddos. Venus and Sapote left home together at ages 17 and 22 after Sapote got into a huge fight with their parents; Venus of course followed Sapote and tried to keep her out of trouble, and they still only speak to each other and not their immediate family.

Two alien ladies, Shebakia and Eclaire! The art of them in their 20s was around 20 years before TM2 starts, so they'd be in their 40s while TM2 is happening.

Eclaire is a seamstress and has a somewhat abrasive, self-centered personality. She doesnt get along with a lot of people, and doesnt bother to try. Her quality of work speaks for itself, and she figures the only friend she REALLY needs is Shebakia.

Shebakia is her absolute best friend since they've known each other since they were children, and Eclaire feels possessive/protective towards her because Shebakia is a lot more quiet and gentle.

Shebakia is soft-spoken, but not actually a total pushover. She works as a gardener and doesnt mind getting her hands dirty or doing rough work. Her and Eclaire are opposites in that way, and Sheb finds it really funny that Eclaire keeps making her such nice clothes knowing shell just end up getting them dirty.


Reference sheets for rooms.


Reference sheets for weapons.


MISC references: the girls animal forms, the school uniforms at Miras school, and the main characters of the manga series Mira is really into (a magical girl series within a magical girl series, with running meta commentary) Princess Tsuki Sakura and Princess Taiyo Mikan are rival magical girl princesses defending the moon kingdom and the underworld kingdom that are locked in a hundreds year long war. But when Tsuki falls to the underworld, landing in a cherry blossom tree, she discovers the "underworld" is actually Earth, and Taiyo is a fallen angel, having fallen because of her love of humans! And begins to fall for her, a romeo and juliet style GL romance! The drama!